Tritan Development (AS393577)

Our Network

We're entirely transparent, and we're proud of it. You can see information about our network below.

Dual Stack

We hopped on the ipv6 train, and you should too. It's 2023, get with the times. Everything should be dual stack at this point.


Two /40 blocks for a total of 309485009821345068724781056 ipv6 addresses.
One /24 block for a total of 254 ipv4 addresses.

Our Connectivity

We're connected to the internet through a blend of tier one providers. We're also connected to 6 internet exchanges with plans to join more.

Request Peering

We have an open peering policy, and we will peer with anyone who reaches out. You can either email us via the contact information in PeeringDB, or you can fill out the form below.

Peering Request

Fill out the form below to request peering with AS393577.